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Dopo molta attesa phrack torna con l’ issue numero 64.

Potete reperirla qui

Buona lettura.

Phrack Magazine.

“At the beginning in 1985, Phrack started as an anarchy magazine. You can learn from the first issues how to create your own bomb or how to seriously take advantage of the world that surrounds us. You can learn from the first issues how the hacking started, in which state of mind were the editors of the magazine when the will of communicating was stronger than keeping all the fun for yourself. When you could teach so many peoples who deserved to make make fun as well. Nothing of Phrack was ever about making money or harming anyone, since Hacking is about freedom of speech and intellectual curiosity. Hackers regulate the digital exchanges happening on the network and it will never stop, because you cannot catch us, and you certainly cannot catch us all.

Before Phrack, Hacking was already existing and even all serious companies, agencies, and groups of influence in the world dealing with information privacy and security felt concerned with the topic. Hackers were the founders of the system itself, and the system decomposed into multiple entities. Students and self-made hackers followed their way in the society that often did not integrate them how they deserved to be, so harshly that nowadays Hacking is forbidden in most of the countries of our planet. The system is getting private. Some of the humans have more rights than others. Some have interests to keep, others are simply waiting for their turn.

In the last decade, Phrack took a very annoying industry-oriented editorial policy and the original spirit was in our opinion not respected. The good old school spirit as we like had somehow disappeared from the process of creating the magazine. That is why the underground got split with a major dispute, as some part of the scene was unhappy with this new way of publishing. We clearly needed to bring together again all the relevant parties around the spirit of hacking and the values that make the Underground. The Underground is neither about making the industry richer by publishing exploits or 0day information, nor distributing hacklogs of whitehats on the Internet, but to go further the limits of technology ever and ever, in a big wave of learning and sharing with the people ready to embrace it. This is not our war to fight peoples doing this for money but we have to clearly show our difference.

It is also getting more urgent that hackers use the technology to make the world a fair place to live in, and we will not let politics decide without us what is good to do. Hackers needs to express their concerns and regulate the information despite the rules imposed by self-claimed authorities, and this is the real subject of our actions.

Because of this, the Phrack Magazine always was an alternative recipient for all the Hacking community knowledge that get renewed continuously. The content is evolving in a patchwork made of multiple disciplines. Of course, programming takes a central place, but software and hardware systems evolve together, so does our protocol suite and its extensions. Reverse Engineering and Cryptography are made more and more desirable even in the mainstream society. Our own body has turned into an experimentation system that brings new perspectives on the judgment that define who we are.

Phrack will always exist and will never discriminate the origin of its contributors. The magazine is where information is the rule and discrimination does not exist, provided you complete the disruptive compliance attitude that define the Hacking identity itself.

Be original, keep the underground renewing. Contribute to Phrack.”

The Circle of Lost Hackers.


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WI-MAX Libero!!!

giugno 17, 2007 at 4:17 pm (Hacking)

Firmate la petizione sul wi-max per far si che alcune frequenze rimangano libere e non lasciare tutto in mano a multinazionali della telefonia e non, che renderebbero l’ accesso alla conoscenza non libero e uguale per tutti!!!

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Monkey Island ritorna?

giugno 17, 2007 at 4:05 pm (Pensieri sparsi)

Pirati smargiassi e puzzolenti riunitevi allo SCUMBAR!

E’ possibile che un quinto episodio della serie Monkey Island venga alla luce!!

Intendiamoci il quarto capitolo non era un granchè come gameplay e dopo un pò si perdeva la voglia  di giocarci, ma chissà se questa volta hanno imparato dai propri errori:

Cmq questi sono rumors, per ora non c’è niente di sicuro…quindi prendete con le pinze la notizia.

Sono felice però di verificare ancora una volta che wikipedia è un pozzo senza fondo di conoscenza e mi ha portato alla luce questa chicca che non sapevo:

“I primi disegni del protagonista furono creati con il programma Deluxe Paint e salvati genericamente come “guy” (il tizio) così, a causa dell’estensione aggiunta dal programma, il nome del file risultò guy.brush. Tale nome fu poi scelto come quello definitivo.”

Guarda! Una scimmia a tre teste dietro di te!!!

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giugno 4, 2007 at 10:38 pm (Pensieri sparsi)

Della serie una buona Katana è per la vita!!!

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